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Securing Your Scada And Industrial Control Systems

Securing Your Scada And Industrial Control Systems
Author: Defense Dept., Technical Support Working Group (TSWG)
Publisher: Government Printing Office
ISBN: 9780160873416
Size: 15.20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4796
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Version 1.0. This guidebook provides information for enhancing the security of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). The information is a comprehensive overview of industrial control system security, including administrative controls, architecture design, and security technology. This is a guide for enhancing security, not a how-to manual for building an ICS, and its purpose is to teach ICS managers, administrators, operators, engineers, and other ICS staff what security concerns they should be taking into account. Other related products: National Response Framework, 2008 is available here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/064-000-00044-6 National Strategy for Homeland Security (October 2007) is available here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/041-001-00657-5 New Era of Responsibility: Renewing America's Promise can be found here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/041-001-00660-5

Hacking Exposed Industrial Control Systems Ics And Scada Security Secrets Solutions

Securing Your Scada And Industrial Control Systems
Author: Clint Bodungen
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9781259589713
Size: 71.53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 4309
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Secure your ICS and SCADA systems the battle-tested Hacking ExposedTM way This hands-on guide exposes the devious methods cyber threat actors use to compromise the hardware and software central to petroleum pipelines, electrical grids, and nuclear refineries. Hacking Exposed Industrial Control Systems: ICS and SCADA Security Secrets and Solutions shows, step-by-step, how to implement and maintain an ICS-focused risk mitigation framework that is targeted, efficient, and cost-effective. The book arms you with the skills necessary to defend against attacks that are debilitating―and potentially deadly. See how to assess risk, perform ICS-specific threat modeling, carry out penetration tests using “ICS safe” methods, and block malware. Throughout, the authors use case studies of notorious attacks to illustrate vulnerabilities alongside actionable, ready-to-deploy countermeasures. Learn how to: • Assess your exposure and develop an effective risk management plan • Adopt the latest ICS-focused threat intelligence techniques • Use threat modeling to create realistic risk scenarios • Implement a customized, low-impact ICS penetration-testing strategy • See how attackers exploit industrial protocols • Analyze and fortify ICS and SCADA devices and applications • Discover and eliminate undisclosed “zero-day” vulnerabilities • Detect, block, and analyze malware of all varieties

Pentesting Industrial Control Systems

Securing Your Scada And Industrial Control Systems
Author: Paul Smith
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 180020728X
Size: 60.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7446
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Discover modern tactics, techniques, and procedures for pentesting industrial control systems Key Features Become well-versed with offensive ways of defending your industrial control systems Learn about industrial network protocols, threat hunting, Active Directory compromises, SQL injection, and much more Build offensive and defensive skills to combat industrial cyber threats Book Description The industrial cybersecurity domain has grown significantly in recent years. To completely secure critical infrastructure, red teams must be employed to continuously test and exploit the security integrity of a company's people, processes, and products. This pentesting book takes a slightly different approach than most by helping you to gain hands-on experience with equipment that you'll come across in the field. This will enable you to understand how industrial equipment interacts and operates within an operational environment. You'll start by getting to grips with the basics of industrial processes, and then see how to create and break the process, along with gathering open source intel to create a threat landscape for your potential customer. As you advance, you'll find out how to install and utilize offensive techniques used by professional hackers. Throughout the book, you'll explore industrial equipment, port and service discovery, pivoting, and much more, before finally launching attacks against systems in an industrial network. By the end of this penetration testing book, you'll not only understand how to analyze and navigate the intricacies of an industrial control system (ICS), but you'll also have developed essential offensive and defensive skills to proactively protect industrial networks from modern cyberattacks. What you will learn Set up a starter-kit ICS lab with both physical and virtual equipment Perform open source intel-gathering pre-engagement to help map your attack landscape Get to grips with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for penetration testing on industrial equipment Understand the principles of traffic spanning and the importance of listening to customer networks Gain fundamental knowledge of ICS communication Connect physical operational technology to engineering workstations and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software Get hands-on with directory scanning tools to map web-based SCADA solutions Who this book is for If you are an ethical hacker, penetration tester, automation engineer, or IT security professional looking to maintain and secure industrial networks from adversaries, this book is for you. A basic understanding of cybersecurity and recent cyber events will help you get the most out of this book.

Industrial Control System A Complete Guide 2019 Edition

Securing Your Scada And Industrial Control Systems
Author: Gerardus Blokdyk
Publisher: 5starcooks
ISBN: 9780655548409
Size: 80.59 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1073
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SCADA) Security Plan? Is there appropriate top down management for effective control and management of enterprise SCADA and industrial control systems within your security framework? What are the security challenges for Industrial control systems? Baseline configuration of information technology/industrial control systems is created and maintained? Do your security policies and practices take into account how your corporate IT and SCADA and industrial control systems, and your physical and personal security policies and practices overlap? Defining, designing, creating, and implementing a process to solve a challenge or meet an objective is the most valuable role... In EVERY group, company, organization and department. Unless you are talking a one-time, single-use project, there should be a process. Whether that process is managed and implemented by humans, AI, or a combination of the two, it needs to be designed by someone with a complex enough perspective to ask the right questions. Someone capable of asking the right questions and step back and say, 'What are we really trying to accomplish here? And is there a different way to look at it?' This Self-Assessment empowers people to do just that - whether their title is entrepreneur, manager, consultant, (Vice-)President, CxO etc... - they are the people who rule the future. They are the person who asks the right questions to make Industrial control system investments work better. This Industrial control system All-Inclusive Self-Assessment enables You to be that person. All the tools you need to an in-depth Industrial control system Self-Assessment. Featuring 958 new and updated case-based questions, organized into seven core areas of process design, this Self-Assessment will help you identify areas in which Industrial control system improvements can be made. In using the questions you will be better able to: - diagnose Industrial control system projects, initiatives, organizations, businesses and processes using accepted diagnostic standards and practices - implement evidence-based best practice strategies aligned with overall goals - integrate recent advances in Industrial control system and process design strategies into practice according to best practice guidelines Using a Self-Assessment tool known as the Industrial control system Scorecard, you will develop a clear picture of which Industrial control system areas need attention. Your purchase includes access details to the Industrial control system self-assessment dashboard download which gives you your dynamically prioritized projects-ready tool and shows your organization exactly what to do next. You will receive the following contents with New and Updated specific criteria: - The latest quick edition of the book in PDF - The latest complete edition of the book in PDF, which criteria correspond to the criteria in... - The Self-Assessment Excel Dashboard - Example pre-filled Self-Assessment Excel Dashboard to get familiar with results generation - In-depth and specific Industrial control system Checklists - Project management checklists and templates to assist with implementation INCLUDES LIFETIME SELF ASSESSMENT UPDATES Every self assessment comes with Lifetime Updates and Lifetime Free Updated Books. Lifetime Updates is an industry-first feature which allows you to receive verified self assessment updates, ensuring you always have the most accurate information at your fingertips.

Securing Critical Infrastructures And Critical Control Systems Approaches For Threat Protection

Securing Your Scada And Industrial Control Systems
Author: Laing, Christopher
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466626909
Size: 54.50 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3202
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The increased use of technology is necessary in order for industrial control systems to maintain and monitor industrial, infrastructural, or environmental processes. The need to secure and identify threats to the system is equally critical. Securing Critical Infrastructures and Critical Control Systems: Approaches for Threat Protection provides a full and detailed understanding of the vulnerabilities and security threats that exist within an industrial control system. This collection of research defines and analyzes the technical, procedural, and managerial responses to securing these systems.